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I _____________ , pledge to get Breast Self-Examination to fight breast cancer.

#PinkSelfCheckChain is an initiative by Dr. Pragnya to bring about awareness among women about the importance of self-breast examination and walk a step towards early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Take the oath today to examine yourself monthly and encourage 3 friends to do so. Follow the steps below add ticks as you complete.

Pledge for Monthly self-breast examination and will reach out reach out to a doctor if a change is noted. I would like
to be part of this #PinkSelfCheckChain for Self-Breast Examination and help early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Stand together to fight Breast Cancer

Methods of breast examination and armpit

Move the tip of your finger in Circular motion from the nipple clockwise and anticlockwise

Move the tip of your finger in Radial motion from the nipple to the armpit

Move the tip of your finger Up and down in vertical motion on the breast region

Timing of examination

Premenopausal Women 2-3 days after your monthly menstrual cycle

Postmenopausal Women – any day of the month

Signs to look for breast self-examination

Breast lumps

Skin changes such as dimpling or redness

Nipple changes

Nipple discharge

Change in shape or size of the breast

Swellings or lumps in the arm pit

STEP-1: Stand in front of the mirror with your top off

Relax your hands and inspect your breast

Raise your hands and check for any changes on breast and armpit.

Place your hands on your hips to tighten chest muscles and observe the skin changes.

STEP-2: Examine while in the shower

Raise your right hand above the head

Move your finger tips all around the breast and in the armpit in circular, or up and down motion (one of the methods mentioned above)

Repeat the same with the left hand and slightly squeeze your nipple to look for secretions

STEP-3: Examine while lying down

Place the pillow under your shoulder of right hand and lie facing the roof

Examine your breast and armpit with left hand

Repeat the same process on the opposite breast with the other hand and look for any visible changes

If you find anything abnormal, reach out to a doctor near you.

If everything seems normal, please repeat the above process on the same day the following month.