Myths Vs Facts about Breast Cancer

Like many other conditions that are feared of, breast cancer also is associated with many myths regarding its occurrence, diagnosis, treatment, and management. One needs to dispel these myths and try to understand the disease from a scientific perspective in order to get maximum benefits of the diagnostic and treatment modalities. Here are a few common myths and the associated facts about breast cancer.

Myth 1:

I don’t have a family history of breast cancer. So, I don’t have to worry about getting breast cancer.

Myth 2:

I don’t have to worry about breast cancer if I follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Myth 3:

Wearing a bra, using antiperspirants, hair dyes, and cell phones cause breast cancer.

Myth 4:

People with breast cancer always feel a lump in the breasts.

Myth 5:

Mammograms are unsafe.

Myth 6:

Young women don’t get breast cancer.

Myth 7:

Men don’t get breast cancer.


1 in 100 men get breast cancer. Although the risk of breast cancer is more in women, men can also get it. A hard lump near the nipple and areola region is an important sign of breast cancer in men. Usually, men don’t produce breast-stimulating hormones, hence their breast stays small or flat. In some cases, due to hormonal imbalance or usage of medicine, men may also develop real breast gland tissue, which may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Myth 8:

Women with breast implants are at higher risk of breast cancer.

Myth 9:

Early-stage breast cancer do not recur.

Myth 10:

Breast cancer treatment is the same for all the patients.

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